Terms & Conditions

1. The Agreement between you and us
These Terms, together with the Centre Rules and the following completed documents:
a) your Membership Application Form;
b) Direct debit authority (if applicable);
c) your Health Check Questionnaire;
make up all of the terms of a Membership Agreement (“Agreement”) between, the member (“you”) and Embrace Fitness and Wellbeing Pty Limited (ABN 17 602 582 721 (“us”).
It is important that you have read and understood all of the terms and conditions of the Agreement before signing these Terms. If you have any questions please ask us.

2. Your type of Membership with Embrace Fitness and Wellbeing Centre
You are becoming a member of Embrace Fitness and Wellbeing under the type of membership (“Membership Type”) stated in your membership form. Your membership entitles you to use the facilities available at the Centre. “Centre” means the Morwell Embrace Fitness and Wellbeing Centre in operation by us.

3. When will your membership start?
Your membership will start on the Membership Start Date (“Membership Start Date”) set out on your Membership Application Form, provided that:
a) you have signed these Terms, your Membership Application Form and your Direct Debit Authority Form (if applicable);
b) you have completed a Health Check Questionnaire and, if applicable, provided any other medical details of your health and fitness to our satisfaction; and
c) we have received your Total Upfront Payment as provided to you by our staff.

4. How long will your membership last?
4.1 Billing Periods

Your Billing Periods include an Initial Billing Period and may also include Ongoing Billing Periods. You are committed to a minimum initial period of membership of four weeks from the start of the first billing period following your Membership Start Date set out in your Membership Application Form such that:
a) if your Membership Start Date is the first day of a billing period, the period of four weeks from your Membership Start Date; or
b) if your Membership Start Date is on any other day than the first day of a billing period, the period including the rest of that billing period plus four weeks from the first day of the next billing period.
On completion of your Initial Billing Period or the end date set out in your Membership Application Form, your membership will automatically renew for further four week Billing Periods (“Ongoing Billing Periods”) unless your membership is terminated in accordance with paragraph 8 or you provide us with notice that you wish for your membership to end on the expiry of the Initial Billing Period which we must receive at least 3 days prior to the end of your Initial Billing Period. Each Ongoing Billing Period will begin on the first day after your previous Ongoing Billing Period ends.

4.2 Can you suspend or “freeze” your membership?

If you wish to suspend or “freeze” your membership you may notify us of your request in writing. You will also have to pay the non-refundable Freeze Fee set out in your Centre price list current at the time you freeze your membership. Your Centre receptionist will be able to confirm to you the periods of freeze available during your membership. Your membership may be frozen for a maximum of 4 fortnights per year with a maximum of 2 consecutive whole fortnightly periods (i.e. 4 weeks) frozen at any one time. You can notify us at any time that you would like to freeze your membership but the Centre must receive your notice at least 3 days (by close of business Friday) prior to the start of the first fortnightly period you wish to freeze. You will not be able to use the Centre while your membership is frozen.

If you freeze your membership during the Initial Billing Period, the period during which your membership is frozen will not be included in calculating your Initial Billing Period. In other words, a freeze of your membership will also freeze the calculation of your Initial Billing Period and will resume upon expiration of the frozen membership period.

4.3 What happens if you change your mind?

You may notify us in writing or in person at the Centre, that you wish to cancel your membership within 7 days starting on the date that you sign these Terms (“Cooling Off Period”). If you do so, we will refund your Total Upfront Payment (less the Joining fee) and any Membership Fees, which you have paid to us, after you return your Membership Card, and any other documentation that we have provided to you upon joining. If you have used your membership during the Cooling Off Period, we will refund those amounts set out above, less the Casual Fee for each visit, the fees for any personal training or other Centre services you have received and a reasonable administration charge.

5. Membership Fees and charges
5.1 Joining Fee

The Joining Fee stated in your Membership Application Form is non-refundable and is payable by you when you sign these Terms. If your membership is terminated for any reason and you subsequently wish to re-join the Centre you will need to pay the Joining Fee and Membership Fees applicable to the Centre at that time.

5.2 Membership Fees
As an Embrace Fitness and Wellbeing member you are personally responsible for payment to us of the Membership Fees and any other ongoing payments set out in your Membership Application Form as they fall due.
Your Membership Fees are due for the whole of each billing period even if your membership is terminated during that billing period (unless you have terminated under paragraph 8.2(a). If your first membership period includes a partial billing period, your Membership Fees for that period will be calculated on a proportional basis according to the number of days remaining in that billing period.

Paying for ongoing memberships
You pay fees for ongoing memberships in advance each month (or fortnight if available), by direct debit from a bank account or credit card. You can pay your fees as far in advance as you like, up to the legal time limits. However, you still need to give us your account details for when your advance payments end.

Paying upfront
You can pay upfront for some memberships. Please visit the centre or myembrace.com.au for a list.